Recap of Live Experiences

We were incredibly privileged to be joined by a range of amazing filmmakers, storytellers and performers during this virtual edition. If you missed out on these live events, you can re-visit the recordings below.

Filmmaker Q&As

Wednesday, February 17

Filmmaker Q&A with Alisi Telengut (The Fourfold), Emmanuel Cappellin (Once You Know), Georg Grotenfelt (The Dissident) and Audun Amundsen (Newtopia).

Moderated by Jonny Randall.

Thursday, February 18

Filmmaker Q&A with Ines Sommer (Seasons of Change on Henry’s Farm) and George Itzhak (Waiting for the Sea).

Moderated by Cathrine Porsbjørn.

Friday, February 19

Filmmaker Q&A with Justin Weinrich (The Burning Field), Charles Fairbanks & Saul Kak (( ( ( ( ( /*\ ) ) ) ) )), Stefano Santamato (Troiane) and Giulio Gobbetti & Jan Stöckel (No Island Like Home).

Moderated by Dafne Lechuga Maroto.

Saturday, February 20

Filmmaker Q&A with Adam James Smith (Americaville), Pedro F Neto (Withering Refuge), César Colmant (Ougn Sa), Bethan John (Voices on the Road) and Boris Svartzman (A New Era).

Moderated by Perle Møhl.

Sunday, February 21

Our last Q&A session with Julie Schroell (River Tales), Judith Albrecht (Hatua Kwa Hatua), Jimena Paz (Missionaries of the rain), Linda Paganelli (Imprinted) and David Scott Kessler (The Pine Barrens).

Q&A moderated by Fine Brendtner.

Talk: Uncivilised Filmmaking with Jonny Randall (Dark Mountain)

In these tumultuous times of ecological unravelling, Dark Mountain film editor, Jonny Randall, explored the possibilities of darkness as a metaphor for the huge uncertainties and anxieties that we face in response to a rapidly shifting world. This live talk and discussion at Sjón Film Festival 2021 asked how can film offer opportunities for us to sharpen our senses, attune to the rhythms of the planet and pay attention to the nonhuman world?

Guided Meditation: Becoming Species

Becoming Species is a climate activism and performance group focusing on the survival of species and biodiversity.

At this live event, they screened a short film of their artistic and activistic practice, following them in one of their actions for the preservation of wild nature area Amager Fælled, and in one of their workshops.

You can listen to their meditation audio here and watch the short film produced by Sjón Collective and Becoming Species: