Sjón 2017 :: FILMINUTES

31 FILMINUTES (visual ethnographic snippets of exactly 60 seconds) were screened during the first edition of Sjón Anthropological Film Festival, in February 2017, at the Ethnographic Exploratory of the University of Copenhagen.

Participating filmmakers:

  • Amalie Vilslev Juelsgaard (Denmark): “Surrealism of the Flesh”
  • Armina Dinescu (Romania): “To share breath”
  • Brian Gray (Chile): “External Source”
  • Casper Hernandez Cordes (Denmark): “Work and Play”
  • Cheong Kin Man (Macao): “A Useless Fiction”
  • Emilie Tullio (France): 1. “Sky” 2. “People” 3. “Earth” 4. “Korean Breakfast”
  • Jeppe Dall Gregersen (Denmark): “Caibarién”
  • Jonas Elwin Rasmussen (Denmark): “Talking Drums”
  • Juan Diego Gutierrez (Colombia): “Peregrination”
  • Katrine Natorp (Denmark): 1. “The Album”. 2. “The Weaver”. 3. “We Commute”
  • Malena Oneglia, Natacha Sherbovsky, Berenice Gáldiz-Carlstein and Fernando Mut (Argentina): “Rebel/Revealed bodies”
  • Mathilde Denison (Belgium): “Côté à côté”
  • Mie Rose (Denmark): “Palestinian Circus School”
  • Nate Eileen Tjoeng (Singapore): “The Digital Promise”
  • Ramona August (Denmark): “Chronicle of an interview”
  • Roger Horn (South Africa): 1. “Migrant Dilemma”. 2. “The Sisterhood: Visits with my Friends”. 3. “Research / Souvenir (Dialogues)”
  • Ruth Gibbons (New Zealand): 1. “Being Dyslexic”. 2. “When I walk into a room”. 3. “As a dyslexic you have to control it fast”.
  • Sebastian Lowe (New Zealand): 1. “Shorelines”. 2. “Ngā Reo o Tangaroa (The Voices of Tangaroa)” 3. “Tohunga Whakairo – Wiremu Green”
  • Sunniva Gudmundsdóttir Mortensen (Faroe Islands): “A full stomach, a happy heart.”