Sjón 2019 :: SONANCE

Thank you all for such a wonderful, busy, memorable, chaotic, passionate, and inspiring event! We spent 3 cozy days (March 8th-10th) in AULA cph, watching a wide selection of diverse anthropologically-relevant films, all engaging with the concept of SONANCE. We also had amazing guests – from nearby or far away – to teach us about sounds, music, and play. We had an incredibly dedicated team of volunteers who helped us steer this ship. Finally, we had you – fantastic audience – choosing to spend your entire weekend with us. So, once again, a big B I G thank you for your time and presence!

Event Recap

Festival Schedule

Festival Photos

Thank you to Dan Gheorghita, Mariana Kastalia, Sunniva Gudmundsdóttir Mortensen & Ramona August for the amazing photos!

Thank you to Petra Kostova for the amazing graphic design!