Sjón 2021 :: SOLASTALGIA

Solastalgia—a hybrid event Feb 17-21 2021

For our fourth edition, the plan was to organize an event on the topic of Solastalgia in Autumn 2020.

Our Open Call offered a few possible interpretations of the concept.

Then 2020 became The-Year-That-Shall-Not-Be-Named.

Our fourth edition is now planned to take place both physically and online in February 2021.

While we presently don’t know what Copenhagen will feel like on February 17th, we’re opting for optimism (with a sensible backup plan).

🎥 Our optimistic plan? A hybrid event—part-physical (in Huset Biograf, between Feb 19-21, with limited seating, and plenty of health and safety precautions in place, if we are allowed), part-online (available between Feb 17-21, for anyone in Denmark!).
📺 Our sensible backup plan? A completely online event, free to access & open to all in Denmark.

Learn more about the films selected for our edition here.

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This event is made possible with the help of our sponsors: