Live experiences online

performance by David Sebastian Lopez Restrepo
Sjón 2019

We may not be able to re-create the multisensorial experiences we’re used to as easily in the virtual, but we still hope to awaken and inspire our audiences. This is the time to open discussions on how environmental and societal changes affect us, and on how we can find hope and community in our everyday lives.

The following events will take place online, for free, and all involve some live element, so you are warmly encouraged to join us Friday, Saturday and Sunday 😀

Friday 19/02 9PM (CET)

Music session with Mavi Express

Mystical folk and sonic experimentations collide in the strange world of Mavi Express—a Copenhagen-based band bringing together musicians of various nationalities and backgrounds. The group explores a rather unique mix of lo-fi aesthetics, post-rock and folk, and is currently recording a new record that is expected to be released on March 15th.

This session will feature a live introduction from the band, followed by a new recording made especially for Sjón 2021! Join us for a cozy night in:

Saturday 20/02 4PM (CET)

Uncivilised Filmmaking with Dark Mountain: Film talk and discussion

In these tumultuous times of ecological unravelling, Dark Mountain film editor, Jonny Randall, will explore the possibilities of darkness as a metaphor for the huge uncertainties and anxieties that we face in response to a rapidly shifting world. This live talk and discussion will ask how film can offer opportunities for us to sharpen our senses, attune to the rhythms of the planet and pay attention to the nonhuman world.

The future is dark, with a darkness as much of the womb as the grave.”

Rebecca Solnit

Saturday 20/02 8:30PM (CET)

Live DJ Set with DJ Atoa Baba

DJ Atoa Baba is a Danish DJ with an unlimited love for Brazilian music and rhythms. From his travels around Brazil he has gathered records in a wide variety of genres and expressions.

He will play an eclectic set of Brazilian Psych, Tropicalia, Hip Hop, Funk and Boogie, that will be all about good vibes, body movement and spirituality. The set will be curated so that you can tune in, have a drink and just chill out.

DJ Atoa Baba will be turning his records online on his Twitch right after Saturday’s Q&A.

Sunday 21/02 3PM (CET)

Becoming Species: Meditation and discussion

Becoming Species is a climate activism and performance group focusing on the survival of species and biodiversity.

At this live event, we will screen a short film of their artistic and activistic practice, following them in one of their actions for the preservation of wild nature area Amager Fælled, and in one of their workshops.

After the short film, they will guide us into the experience of Becoming Species. They use a fungal meditation technique to decompose the human ego and let one emerge as another species:

How do you feel in your body? What kind of body do you have? Is it made of flesh and bone, or is it made of wooden parts, feathers or mycelium threads?
Through the Becoming Species meditation we want you to open your senses and explore how it feels to become another species. We are all connected through a network of life. It’s an open exploration to the senses and we want you to break free from the understanding of what a body is. We are all connected. We are life. We are nature. We are one, and we are many.


  • 10-min short film
  • 35-min guided meditation
  • Live Q&A, dialogue and sharing of experiences

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