Solastalgia online ☀️

Sjón Film Festival is returning to your (small) screens February 17-21, online and for free!

🎟 Here’s the plan:

📺 Are you based in Denmark or Europe and want to watch our films? ➡️ Read more about how to register your ticket here.

💬 Are you anywhere in the world 🌎 and want to participate in Q&As with our filmmakers? ➡️ Read more about how to save a seat here.

🗣 Are you anywhere in the world 🌎 and more into live experiences (music, talk, or meditation)? ➡️ Read more about how to join us here.

🤗 Are you anywhere in the world and want to get the cozy vibe of real-life hugs in a virtual space? ➡️ Join our brand new festival Discord. (If this is your first time using Discord, here’s a helpful introduction to setting up your account, and a more comprehensive guide to how to use the environment.)

Welcome to Sjón, an annual festival for anthropological audiovisual works based in Copenhagen, Denmark. A multi-sensorial playground for experimentation with non-fiction film, performance art, and discussion, each year exploring a different theme.

We aim to create an accessible, welcoming space for anthropologists, social scientists, and artists to connect with a wider, more general audience. Our events are, therefore, always free to attend and in English / with English subtitles.

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