Open Call 2019

For our third edition, the theme will be SONANCE. The quality or state of being sonant, a sound. The term encompasses all the different ways humans perceive and interact with their soundscapes and sound waves. Human-made or otherwise.

We welcome any anthropological audiovisual work that engages with this concept: Sonic & sensory experiences. Human- or nonhuman-made soundscapes. Silence. Ethnomusicology. Synaesthesia. Biophonies. Etc. We’re especially looking for films that encourage audiences to challenge their relationship to & understanding of how SONANCE impacts their lives.

All anthropologists/social scientists are invited to submit their audiovisual work to Sjón by January 15th 2019 through Filmfreeway. The event is organised and curated by an international non-profit collective of visual anthropologists based in Copenhagen. We strive to provide a welcoming, safe, and nurturing space for any practitioners in the field, and our events are always free to attend and open to the public.