How to watch Sjón films online?

🎉 We’ve got news—you can now register your free tickets for our festival! The films will be available to stream between Feb 17 – 21 anytime you want and as many times as you want, but you can already save your virtual seat 🛋

We realize virtual film festivals are a bit of a new thing for some—they definitely are for us! 🤷‍♀️—so we wanted to offer some guidance:

🎊 We’ve divided our official selection into 5️ 🖐 playlists, all available to stream in Denmark 🇩🇰
🎉 In even more exciting news, a smaller selection of these films will be available to stream in all of Europe too! So for all our European friends, stick around 🇪🇺

➡️ When you first arrive on our film platform, you can immediately register for free for either of the playlists.
➡️ The first time you register, you’ll have to create a simple account with our partner platform.
➡️ Once you’ve created your account and finished your registration on, you can go back to our event and book a ticket for every other playlist you want! 🎟

📺 By creating an account, you make sure you save your virtual seat to have access to the films throughout the entire festival AND we make sure we can remind you to watch the films once they’re available! Win-win ✌️

🎉 All screenings are free to watch and you can watch them as many times as you want during our festival.

❓We hope we’ve made this process simple enough, but please write us if you have any questions 📮

For all the general festival communication and mingling, join our new Discord server below. If this is your first time using Discord, here’s a helpful introduction on setting up your account, and a more comprehensive guide on how to use the environment.