How to join our Q&As?

We’re beyond excited to be sharing such a wonderful, thought-provoking lineup of films during this less-than-ideal edition, but the cherry on top of this plant-based sundae of anthro-film-nerdiness? 🍒 More Q&As with more filmmakers than we could ever dream of! 🤩

So if you’re in the mood for watching films about solastalgia & then talking about films about solastalgia, make sure not to miss out on the following live Q&A sessions:

DateParticipating FilmmakersRegister below 👇
Febr 17, 8 PM (CET)Screening 1: Alisi Telengut (The Fourfold), Emmanuel Cappellin (Once You Know), Georg Grotenfelt (The Dissident) and Audun Amundsen (Newtopia). Q&A moderated by Jonny Randall.Zoom
Febr 18, 8 PM (CET)Screening 2: Ines Sommer (Seasons of Change on Henry’s Farm), George Itzhak (Waiting for the Sea) and Jonas Spriestersbach (Animals). Q&A moderated by Cathrine Porsbjørn Schmidt.Zoom
Febr 19, 8 PM (CET)Screening 3: Justin Weinrich (The Burning Field), Charles Fairbanks & Saul Kak (( ( ( ( ( /*\ ) ) ) ) )), Stefano Santamato (Troiane) and Giulio Gobbetti & Jan Stöckel (No Island Like Home). Q&A moderated by Dafne Lechuga Maroto.Zoom
Febr 20, 8 PM (CET)Screening 4: Adam James Smith (Americaville), Pedro F Neto (Withering Refuge), César Colmant (Ougn Sa), Bethan John (Voices on the Road) and Boris Svartzman (A New Era). Q&A moderated by Perle Møhl. Zoom
Febr 21, 6 PM (CET)Screening 5: Julie Schroell (River Tales), Judith Albrecht (Hatua Kwa Hatua), Jimena Paz (Missionaries of the rain), Linda Paganelli (Imprinted) and David Scott Kessler (The Pine Barrens). Q&A moderated by Fine Brendtner.Zoom
Psst, if you miss the live Q&As, you’ll be able to watch the recordings on our website soon after. You can also continue to have conversations with our filmmakers on our Discord space below 👇

For all the general festival communication and mingling, join our new Discord server below. If this is your first time using Discord, here’s a helpful introduction on setting up your account, and a more comprehensive guide on how to use the environment.