Creole Isabel (dir. Marcel Czombos)

Creole Isabel

America, at the time of the conquest, had musical cultures as developed as those of Europe, those expressions remained ignored, until the arrival of the Argentine musicologist Isabel Aretz, who in 1941 made a trip through Argentina and Chile, with the need to rescue the pre-Hispanic music and develop the first sound map of America. Creole Isabel, is a documentary directed by Marcel Czombos, winner of Argentina’s Doctv Latin America, which tries to accredit America as a musically autonomous continent, portraying two disciples of Isabel, Argentine ethnomusicologist Mario Silva and Chilean researcher Claudio Mercado. Together they return to their teacher’s traces and stop at two key places: the Kamaruco Mapuche in Nahuelpan, Argentina and the rite of the Chinese in Palmas de Alvarado, Chile. Mario scatters Isabel’s ashes like sowing seeds in America.