Casper Hernández Cordes

Casper is a Composer and Educational Anthropologist. In January 2019 he was on a vacation in Cali, Colombia. Random circumstances gave him the opportunity to do a ‘1-day ethnography’ in Siloé. Siloé is a neighborhood with a long history and a lot of culture. It is also considered “Cali’s most dangerous barrio (neighbourhood)“. The occasion was a project, ‘Los Tambores de Siloé’ – an open air music class, where children from the barrio learned how to play on homemade instruments made from recycled materials.

During our festival, Casper will introduce you to the ‘piece of lived life’, via some footage from the project. This will also be an occasion to invite the participants to experiment with what we perceive when we (think we) perceive the same thing – a question central to ethnography, as well as our everyday lives.

Saturday, 2PM

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